“To Bird with Love”

Quintetto – Itali


Italo D’Amato (sax baritono)

Jorge Ro (tromba e flicorno)

Raffaele Pallozzi (pianoforte)

Paolo Trivellone (contrabbasso)

Roberto Desiderio (batteria)


Il quintetto “To Bird with Love” è nato da un’idea che Italo D’Amato ha avuto nel 2014, durante un percorso di formazione e perfezionamento compiuto insieme a Jorge Ropresso il Columbia College a Chicago. L’intento di base è quello di rivalutare un repertorio un tempo quasi inflazionato, ma che oggi i musicisti Jazz delle ultime generazioni sembrano voler frequentare soltanto a scopo di studio o in jam-session: il repertorio di Charlie “Bird” Parker, sia nelle composizioni originali, sia nei brani che, pur composti da altri autori, sono stati spesso suonati dal Genio di Kansas City. Accanto ad una accuratezza filologica nella ricerca melodica ed armonica, il quintetto presenta arrangiamenti originali e, soprattutto, una sonorità non spigolosa e non rigidamente identificabile con il Be-Bop, ma più morbida e per certi versi più moderna; tale timbrica è ottenuta con l’utilizzo costante del sax baritono da parte di Italo D’Amato ed l’uso occasionale del flicorno da parte di Jorge Ro, sostenuti da una sezione ritmica swingante e collaudatissima, costituita da Raffaele Pallozzi (pianoforte), Paolo Trivellone (contrabbasso) eRoberto Desiderio (batteria).Il quintetto ha debuttato nell’estate del 2015 alla Settimana Mozartiana a Chieti, riscuotendo giàda quel momento notevole successo di pubblico ed apprezzamento della critica per l’equilibrio tra rispetto per la tradizione e gusto per l’innovazione.  


Encouraged by new artistic and spiritual needs, Tommaso Tronco directs his compositions to a maximum concentration and intensity in execution, towards the interoperability group, based on the special understanding with the extraordinary musicians and artistic adventures friends: Giovanni Perin, Giulio Scaramella, Igor Spallati ed Ugo alunni. The group proposes a repertoire of original parts that extend from traditional jazz style to that of contemporary jazz. 

Tommaso Tronco, is saxophonist and composer from Treviso, who currently lives in Berlin. He graduated with honors in Sassofono Classico and  Musica Jazz at the Conservatory of Music in Vicenza, and in addition pursued perfection studies near Jazz Institut of Berlin. He is the winner of international competitions and from 2014 is the tenor saxophonist near National Orchestra ”Jazz Italiana Giovani Talenti” under the direction of maestro Paolo Damiani. With a rich artistic career, under the flessibile  name of Tommaso Tronco Jazz Trio, Quartetto o Quintetto has conducted concerts in several European countries for the program and TV performance “Parallelo Italia”.

Giovanni Perin, born in Padova has started to play the piano at age 8 years. In 2010 degree in percussion at the Conservatory, under the guidance of professor Alberto Macchini with maximum points. From 2010 to 2014, he specializes in Vibrafono instrument under the direction of David Friedman at Jazz Institute Berlin (University of Arts in Berlin). He has won prizes in many   jazz music competitions like National Award "Lighthouse Jazz 2007", "Roma Jam Session 2008", "Premio Zorzella 2011". Has performed like percussionist classic together with "Orchestra Mozart" directed by Maestro Brass, "Orchestra di Padova del Veneto", etc. He has been invited to participate in important festivals of jazz music in Italy like "Berlin Radio Jazz Festival" "di Ancona Jazz Festival", "Padova Jazz Festival", "Bologna Jazz Festival".

Giulio Scaramella, graduated with maximum points in piano at the Conservatory "Giuseppe Tartini" of Trieste under the direction of professor Igor Cognolato; Ongoing  he pursues the study at the at the prestigious biennial Music Room School of the Trio di Parma and he has graduated in level II to jazz interpretation. He pursued studies in the fields of jazz as well as classical music at the master class and semiareve with world famous musician. Winner of many awards in national and international competitions, the winner of the International Competition Città di Treviso, Prize "Chicco Bettinardi" - Piacenza etc. Has performed in many international festival like "Rimini Jazz", Heraklion Summer Arts Festival, Mittelfest, Trieste Loves Jazz, Veneto Jazz, Jazz & Wine, Summer Music Festival Nei Suoni dei luoghi, and in many European countries. From 2008 with Fade Out Trio, cures implementation of a project that brings together classical music and jazz, which culminated with the publication of a CD that includes the key jazz arrangements of Scriabin, Chopin, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky and other authors.

Igor Spallati, born in Perugia. After completing her academic studies in Italy under the direction of maestro Silvio Bruni, deepens the study of jazz bass at Jazz Institut Berlin under the direction of Greg Vohen, John Hollenbeck, David Friedman Kurt Sosenwinkel. He has performed with renowned artists like Fred Hersch, David Gilmore, David Russel, Brad Shepik, Mirabassi Gabriele, Pietro Tonolo, Rossano Emili, Joe Hisaishi, etc., in a musical diapason that includes jazz, classical music and film music.

 Ugo Alunni, born in Perugia. He has studying at the Morlacchi Conservatory and continues further studies of the battery instrument near drummer’s Collective of New York. He currently lives in Berlin and attends the Jazz Institute, under the direction of John Hollenbeck, David Friedman Kurt Rosenwinkel. He has performed with renowned artists such as Emily Rossano, Dan Kinzelman, Joe Rehmer, Perugia Jazz Orchestra, Pietro Tonolo, Alessandro Lanzoni, Ed Partyka, and many others.


Tommaso Troncon - Saxophone 

Giulio Scaramella - Piano  

Giovanni Perin - Vibraphone  

Igor Spallati - Double Bass 

Ugo Alunni - Drums   


The Marco Castelli Trio is a versatile band that offers a blend of jazz and other musical genres such as Afro, ska and Latin rhythms and blending them into a Mediterranean sound. The music of the Trio is refined and elegant, but also brilliant, full of unpredictable colors, unique in the genre. The repertoire, as well as tracks more close to the jazz tradition, includes original compositions and arrangements by Marco Castelli in a ‘jazz key’ of the authors of the tradition of Italian song.In 2014 Marco Castelli has recorded the new CD titled ‘Porti di Mare’ (Seeports): Zanzibar, Tunisi, Dakar, titles dedicated to the places where Marco Castelli, who has participated in tours in more than 40 countries, played and that inspired the compositions featured in this new album release and in the concert repertoire in 2014.

Marco Castelli, is one of the most talented Italian sax players, with a brilliant and prolific career with a broad artistic activity. In his long career he has traveled without prejudice across many different musical languages, highlighting the qualities present in each form of expression and always pursuing a very personal sound, free of cliches but rich in emotions and atmospheres.Beside writing and performing jazz music, he's a conductor of orchestra and a composer for theatre and modern ballet, and, as a sound designer, he has creatively interacted with various media: poetry, video art, visual arts. Marco Castelli is also artistic director of the label Anelli Records.

He has participated in international festivals like Singapore Art Festival, Montreal Jazz Festival, Boemia Jazz Festival, Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Athene Jazz, Bangkok International Festival, Festival Cervantino, San Sebastian Jazz Festival, Kaunas International Festival collaborating with a lot of prestigious artists like Lee Konitz, Markus Stockhausen, Philip Catherine and many others. Marco Castelli has brought his music all over the world:
Europe: Denmark, Finland, Norway, Estonia, Greece, Portugal, Lithuania, Germany, France, Spain, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, Czech Republic, Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria
America and Islands: Canada, Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, Argentina, Perù, Guatemala, Uruguay, Jamaica, Curacao.
Asia and Middle East: Singapore, Thailand, Qatar, Israel, Jordan.
Africa: Senegal, Tanzania, Botwana, Morocco, Tunisia.

Marco Castelli - Saxophones
Matteo Alfonso - Keyboard
Marco Vattovani - Drums

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Enzo Favata, Danilo Gallo, and UT Gandhi, well-known and internationally experienced musicians, meet Enrico Zanisi, young wonder of the Italian jazz scene, awarded ‘Best Italian Top Jazz Talent’ in 2012. They all come together in an expressively strong quartet that combines innovative music ideas with several compositions from Favata’s historic repertoire, where poetry, virtuosity, energy, 

melodiousness, and high-level jazz intertwine with milonga and tango sounds, as well as Mediterranean melodies and rhythms from Sardinia. UT Gandhi, comparable to the greatest drummers of all time, and Danilo Gallo (Top Jazz 2010.2014 ) with his double bass, form an impressive rhythm section. Favata and Zanisi enhance the melodic lines and rhythms with 
creative sounds, making the music continuously astonishing. Enzo Favata, Enrico Zanisi, Danilo Gallo, and UT Gandhi are real entertainers and can be regarded as seamen sailing from port to port, since they travel indeed. They regularly perform at prestigious festivals all around the world: 
Italy, Europe, Latin-America, Asia, Africa, Japan, Arab countries, 
and many more.


Vincenzo Favata - Sax Tenor & Sopran Bass Clarinet

Enrico Zanisi - Pianoforte

Ut Gandhi - Drum

Danilo Gallo - Duble Bass


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