Michaela Rabitsch & Robert Pawlik – Just the two of us


Michaela Rabitsch, singer, composer and Austria’s only and top female jazz trumpet player is called a modern day female Chet Baker by the US magazine Jazzscene. Michaela and her ingenious partner, composer and incredible fluid guitarist Robert Pawlik present a program, inspired by their numerous tours of the last years through Europe, Asia, the America and Africa, with concerts and festival appearances in more than 40 countries, delighting equally press and audience with their crossover repertoire of jazz, pop and latin, spiced up with a touch of world.



They are presenting jazz with catchy melodies, strong harmonies, groovy rhythms and adventorious improvisations in a fine balanced vocal-instrumental mix.

With brilliant instrumental technique and a silky velvet voice they are clothing their songs into a trendy, smooth-cool jazzrobe.


Robert Pawlik’s guitar is equally able to create a cristal-clear frame full of feeling for the expressive voice and the sensitive trumpet playing of Michaela Rabitsch and to be the virtuoso replacement for the groove of a full rhythm section.

Especially their original, atmospheric compositions give them a unique, charming profile. The entire repertoire features sophisticated melodics seasoned with a touch of blues.

Vienna’s simpatico first couple of jazz sets new benchmarks in unplugged duo playing and impresses with touching and catchy songs.

The Austrian answer to Tuck & Patti, enriched with trumpet and flugelhorn.



Kontakt: Michaela Rabitsch, Währingerstraße 81/10, 1180 Wien, Österreich  Tel: 00431/ 409 17 71

 Mobil: 0043 (0)664/ 24 11 767  email: office@michaelarabitsch.com web: www.michaelarabitsch.com

Irmie Vesselsky & David Hebenstreit 

Irmie Vesselsky’s music does not get under your skin, it stings, it flatters and claims.

The artist was born 30 summers ago in a hamlet in Lower Austria as a musically-wise orphan. Knowing neither mother Jazz nor father Classic Irmie Vesselsky found her roots somewhere in between, creating her own style with only a haunting voice and a piano, feeling that "neither could exist without the other".

In her teens Irmie Vesselsky started to write as a cathartic exercise. Soon people recognized her talent and asked her to play live. 2006 she started to perform in local bars, 2008 she started working on her first album, cryptically entitled “Parentheses Of Antitheses – Pandora or The Unbending Dualism In Me”. Soon she landed a record deal and released her “baby” in late 2009. Critics were amazed, comparing her to Kate Bush and calling ‘Parentheses’ “The best Tori Amos album in years”!

With the release of her second album, “The Key – the Wisdom of Dorothy Gale or How to Tame Your Inner Demons” Irmie Vesselsky shows a stronger, even more feminine self. Intense piano melodies bathe you in sound. At the centre of her universe, nothing but song and piano. Singer songwriter Irmie Vesselsky uses them to wrap you up in a sound web of electronic play, appearing tender and melancholic yet at the same time powerful and intense. Carrying “vessel” and “sky” in her name, it comes as no surprise her music is both transparent and deeply rooted in her thoughts and experiences. Touching you with her voice and piano, this woman is able to build emotions as much as she is able to destroy them by sheer means of contrast. Irmie Vesselsky is currently working on a new Austrian dialect project.  Irmie Vesselsky maintains a well-balanced delicacy through honest lyrics that are beautifully mysterious yet each with a message, leaving much room for interpretation as well as vivid images in your head.

Irmie Vesselsky - Piano & Singer

David Hebenstreit - Violine




Michaela Rabitsch, is a singer, songwriter and jazz trumpetisja most successful woman in Austria. Together with her partner find - composer and guitarist Robert Pawlik, has also published the album "Moods", an album with ten songs that reflect the passion, energy and excitement of their lives. This is also the first album of the first of them consisting of entirely original creation of the two.
In the past two, have been focused on the standard repertoire. Michaela selecting more jazz repertoire while Robert, toward more funky and fusion music. For more than ten years, they have shared their private life and her music, performing together in jazz quartet, but also doubles as acoustic, conducting tours of creating music together. The fact that they have studied more about repertoire of jazz standard but more on jazz in general, give them music that hand that we do, to have a 'dictionary' too broad to present before the public. Hear their music, means always having a new horizon before to enjoy.
Being a singer and trumpetiste gives more Michaeles hand to crack each to their own interpretation, because it may choose to sing or play in trompe.

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Take one listen to Lylit and you will be amazed at all that is encapsulated within her spirit and song: gospel, jazz, classical and, of course, soul. Born in Austria, musically inclined and intrigued, Lylit set out to absorb as much of it as possible. And what resulted was astounding: raspy powerhouse vocals whose cords find melody, effortlessly. She is a pianist—who has also successfully tried her hand at the guitar, 5-octave mbira and violin. She is music mogul Kedar Massenburg’s signee—and as evidenced on her EP, Evasion—she plans on leaving a serious impression.



Eva Klampfer (Lylit) - Piano&Vocal

Fabian Rucker - Sax

Andreas Lettner - Drum



Founded by Franziska Hatz, this Viennese band started in 2010. Their music is a mixture of klezmer traditions, pop, folk, rock, ska and jazz elements. Since the very beginning, they've been a breath of fresh air on the Austrian music scene.

They played with Randy Brecker, Dean Bowman, DJ Shantel and bands such as Bucovina Club Orchestra and Sandy Lopicic Orchestra. Each concert is like an eruption of unbelievable energy, unique mastery and humor. They can make anyone dance even the most reluctant people, so... let’s dance!

Franziska Hatz - Accordion, Vocal
Julian Pieber - Drums, Deep - Low Voice
Richie Winkler - Diverse Saxophone, Clarinet
Simon Schellnegger - Viola is not a violin, Viola Microphone Voice

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