Michaela Rabitsch & Robert Pawlik – Just the two of us


Michaela Rabitsch, singer, composer and Austria’s only and top female jazz trumpet player is called a modern day female Chet Baker by the US magazine Jazzscene. Michaela and her ingenious partner, composer and incredible fluid guitarist Robert Pawlik present a program, inspired by their numerous tours of the last years through Europe, Asia, the America and Africa, with concerts and festival appearances in more than 40 countries, delighting equally press and audience with their crossover repertoire of jazz, pop and latin, spiced up with a touch of world.



They are presenting jazz with catchy melodies, strong harmonies, groovy rhythms and adventorious improvisations in a fine balanced vocal-instrumental mix.

With brilliant instrumental technique and a silky velvet voice they are clothing their songs into a trendy, smooth-cool jazzrobe.


Robert Pawlik’s guitar is equally able to create a cristal-clear frame full of feeling for the expressive voice and the sensitive trumpet playing of Michaela Rabitsch and to be the virtuoso replacement for the groove of a full rhythm section.

Especially their original, atmospheric compositions give them a unique, charming profile. The entire repertoire features sophisticated melodics seasoned with a touch of blues.

Vienna’s simpatico first couple of jazz sets new benchmarks in unplugged duo playing and impresses with touching and catchy songs.

The Austrian answer to Tuck & Patti, enriched with trumpet and flugelhorn.



Kontakt: Michaela Rabitsch, Währingerstraße 81/10, 1180 Wien, Österreich  Tel: 00431/ 409 17 71

 Mobil: 0043 (0)664/ 24 11 767  email: office@michaelarabitsch.com web: www.michaelarabitsch.com