Yehia Khalil

Egyptian JAZZ Legend

Whenever the word Jazz is pronounced in Egypt, you will hear it coupled with the name of Yehia Khalil, for he is the one and only Jazz man of Egypt, and Egypt’s Ambassador of Jazz to this world.

            With his fully talented music ensemble, he gifts the world Modern Egypt Jazz Fusion Music Genre unmatched anywhere on earth.

            Yehia promoted Jazz music and culture all over Egypt, since more than 50 years ago and has succeeded to create a new Egyptian sound that captivated the world with its fusion of authentic Jazz and oriental inspirations and compositions, based on a profound understanding of the Arab Classical Musical Heritage.

That is why Yehia Khalil is a unique phenomenon in Egypt’s musical scene since ages, and his concerts attract now thousands of his fans, not only in Egypt, but all over the world.

Yehia Khalil’s series of Albums from “Rhythm of the Soul” and the “Dreaming in Strange World”, both have achieved great success recently and many of their tunes are played on the Radio & TV as a reflection of the New Egyptian Jazz Fusion.

Throughout his life, Yehia  has played with many Jazz Giants as well as Rock, Soul, Country, Rhythm & Blues in the US and he was featured at the Opening concerts of the New Cairo Opera House with the great Dizzy Gillespie over 25 years ago, and since than he is  always offering new compositions one concert after another. Yehia gave with his group, hundreds  of Jazz concerts in many countries such as Italy, France, Serbia, Bulgaria, Austria, Greece, Russia, Morocco, Nigeria and South Africa just to name a few and has become now a True Icon in the World of Jazz Scene with great respect.