Concert piano Jazz- Artur Dutkiewicz – Poloni & guest Ermal Rodi (saxophone - Al)



Artur Dutkiewicz is one of the greatest Polish jazz pianists, also composer.

He graduated from The Academy of Music in Katowice, Poland and received diploma with distinction.

Dutkiewicz was a finalist of the Thelonious Monk Competition  in Washington, USA.

He was the first Polish musician who gave solo recital at MIDEM in Cannes.

Artur Dutkiewicz is called "Ambassador of Polish jazz" – he is one of the most concerting abroad Polish jazz musicians. In the last few years he performed in more than 50 countries around the world from the United States via Europe, China to Australia.

Artur plays SOLO RECITALS from many years.

He is also a leader of the ARTUR DUTKIEWICZ TRIO playing modern jazz.

He recorded 5 his own albums and many more with other artists.

His last albums: "Mazurkas"/solo/, "Hendrix Piano", "Prana" and latest „Traveller”/trio/ have been enthusiastically adopted by audience and critics.

Dutkiewicz performed at dozens of renowned jazz and music festivals around the world such as: Northsea Jazz Festival – Hague, Jazz Jamboree – Warsaw, Campnagel Theater – Hamburg, Festival Kleiner Bunchen – Bern, MIDEM – Cannes, Music Oggi – Milan, Festival D`Europe Centrale – Paris, Europe XXL – Vienna, Sziget Festival – Budapest, Glasgov Jazz Festival, Duesseldorf Jazz Rally, World Culture Festival - Berlin, Notturni in Palestro Festival - Milan, BJ Ninegates Jazz Festival – Beijing, Melbourne Jazz Festival, Utsav Jazz Festival.

In 2011 Arthur Dutkiewicz performed on the Olympic Stadium in Berlin at the World Culture Festival. Especially for this event he arranged and played in a group of pianists from around the world the piece for 30 pianos. The concert heard by 35 thousand people, was an expression of respect for the diversity of cultures and the message of peace to the world.

Artur Dutkiewicz presents his own jazz mazurkas from his solo album „Mazurkas”.

The mazurka (in Polish: mazurek, pl. mazurki) is a Polish folk dance in triple meter.

His mazurkas are influenced by F. Chopin, K. Szymanowski, B. Bartok and Polish folk music, combined with modern jazz improvisation.

In this program classical music, Polish folk music and trance jazz improvisation are combined as one original whole.

This is pioneering project in contemporary solo piano music.