After the success of its lasts editions 2012-2013, the International Festival “JAZZ in ALBANIA” 2014 continues its tradition of bringing the world class entertainment to Tirana .

With its goals of bringing in diverse talents from different nations the festival hopes to continue its reach and popularity to the Tirana community as well as to different cities of Albania such as Shkodra, Korca, Fier, Himara. It’s also the intent of the festival to highlight, feature and share the stage with world and Albanian class artists.

We hope to substantially grow our audience and increase artistic life of Tirana , Shkodra, Korca, Fier and Himara ( south western coast) artistic life during summer season.

Organization Committee 

  • Dorian Lamko: Stage Techniques
  • Agron Xoxa: Vice president /out Tirana
  • Besim Petrela: President & International relations
  • Gent Rushi: Art director and Special projects
  • Frida Guberaj: Promotion & Marketing & Programming (help from B.Petrela & A. Xoxa)
  • Ilir Bajri: Cross border events
  • M.Petrela & V.Xoxa : Staff
  • M.Petrela: F&B & Infrastructures
  • Donika Bardha & Neritan Bum Bum Room: Festival OFF & Cultural outreach & Special events
  • Agron Xoxa: Logistics & Sustainable development

The Festival's Office

To ensure the Festival’s administration and general coordination, the Association employs these peoples composing the Jazz In Albania Festival’s office.

  • M.Petrela: Communication and partnership manager
  • F.Guberaj: General secretary & Spornsor & Fundrising before Fest start
  • B.Petrela: Box office manager & cultural outreach coordinator
  • F.Guberaj: Administrative and communication intern
  • A.Xoxa & A.Mansaku & TV partner ( A. Cani): Press & Media officers
  • M.Petrela & V.Xoxa: Construction stage as/manager
  • G.Rushi: Production manager & DJ’s programmer
  • F.Guberaj, A.Xoxa, B.Petrela: Events and hospitality manager
  • M.Bedo: Financial administrator; A.Hoxha - tickets

Festival Supporter

  • Donika Bardha & Gent Rushi & Artur Cani - The Festival's Friends & Fundraising evening event
  • Bujar Alliu - Voluntaries
  • Petrela & Bajri & Cultural outreach committee