Cultural association “SYRI BLU” is founded on 2000 with the support of Mrs Anna Cenerini Bova.

  • E-mail:
  • Tel/Fax +355.4.2230953
  • Cel:+355672059466;
  • President Shkelqim Arizi

The Fondators member are

  • 1.Besim Petrela
  • 2.Diana Culi
  • 3.Zhani Ciko
  • 4.Isak Shehu
  • 5.Ylljet Alicka
  • 6.Fatos Kongoli
  • 7.Fatos Lubonja
  • 8.Klement Zoraqi
The Association aims to promote the development of cultural relations between Albania and other European countries.
To achieve this goal, the initial activities of the Association shall aim to:
• promote cooperation in order to realise European artistic & cultural activities in Albania;
• promote cooperation in order to realise activities for the preservation of Albanian
cultural monuments, the landscape and the environment;
• develop relations among universities, particularly with regard to Albanians studying in Europe;
• promote cultural tourism, promotion & implementation of the copyright in Albania
• provide cultural, historical and environmental information about Albania and
European countries in printed and electronic form.
• cooperate in an institutional way with its partners based in Europe.

The vision:
- Promotion & support of artistic and cultural activities in Albania and cross border.
- Promotion & support of cultural heritage by artistic activities
- Promotion & support to diversity of religious cultures in Albania and Region
- Promotion & protect & support of nature monuments by social & cultural activities
- Promotion & support of cultural exchanges.

(Albania - European Union & Albania – International in Albania, cross bord contries and Balkan region)

The main Activities realise :

- Tirana Jazz & World Music Festival- first & second editions 2012-2013
- Poesia del Vino & Poesi du Vin & Poetry of Wine- every year acivity.
- The week of Albanian Film – to Casa del Film – Rome, 2012
- European chamber choral festivals- 4 editions 2005,2007,2009,2011
-Many concerts jazz , poetry evening, painting exhibition
-“KLASIK “ International concert seasons 2000-2012. KLASIK is held in the following albanian cities:Tirana, Shkodra, Vlora , Durres,Elbasan, Gjirokaster and Korca

-“SYRI BLU” have organised in june 2007 a tour of Philarmonique orchestra of Tirana a Poitu in France with “The Creation of Handel” in colaboration of chorals from France, England and Germany.
- Have Participate as Partner to the EU programme Interreg 3A to projects V.A.L.T. ; A.C.C.I.A.R arte; TUR.GATE; and participation as partner to the Programme INTERREG / CARDS with the Project F.A.M.A.
- Have organise Poesia Albanese – Patrimonio d’Europa meeting of Albanian poets in Rome.
- Editor and project manager of the first and second edition of the Albanian
Cultural Yearbook first edition 2001 - 2002 and second edition 2002-2003
third edtion 2005-2006 in Albanian & English by the support of EU Commission.

Organization Committee 

  • Dorian Lamko: Stage Techniques
  • Agron Xoxa: Vice president /out Tirana
  • Besim Petrela: President & International relations
  • Gent Rushi: Art director and Special projects
  • Frida Guberaj: Promotion & Marketing & Programming (help from B.Petrela & A. Xoxa)
  • Ilir Bajri: Cross border events
  • M.Petrela & V.Xoxa : Staff
  • M.Petrela: F&B & Infrastructures
  • Donika Bardha & Neritan Bum Bum Room: Festival OFF & Cultural outreach & Special events
  • Agron Xoxa: Logistics & Sustainable development

The Festival's Office

To ensure the Festival’s administration and general coordination, the Association employs these peoples composing the Jazz In Albania Festival’s office.

  • M.Petrela: Communication and partnership manager
  • F.Guberaj: General secretary & Spornsor & Fundrising before Fest start
  • B.Petrela: Box office manager & cultural outreach coordinator
  • F.Guberaj: Administrative and communication intern
  • A.Xoxa & A.Mansaku & TV partner ( A. Cani): Press & Media officers
  • M.Petrela & V.Xoxa: Construction stage as/manager
  • G.Rushi: Production manager & DJ’s programmer
  • F.Guberaj, A.Xoxa, B.Petrela: Events and hospitality manager
  • M.Bedo: Financial administrator; A.Hoxha - tickets

Festival Supporter

  • Donika Bardha & Gent Rushi & Artur Cani - The Festival's Friends & Fundraising evening event
  • Bujar Alliu - Voluntaries
  • Petrela & Bajri & Cultural outreach committee