Ladies and Gentlemen

    History of Jazz music in Albania is relatively short, with its starts and its pioneers such as: Krajk, Curcia, Shllaku ….etc.
    In its infancy Jazz music in Albania has a painful history, where talented musicians ended quite badly under the guillotine of the communist system. This festival is also homage for those martyrs of music of "Freedom". This festival expresses a thanksgiving to all Albanian musicians that contribute over the years in the darkness of the communist system and then to democratic freedom after 1990.

    First professional Jazz music musician arrangements starts around 2000 with deputies of Elina Duni, Eda Zari, Salim Rushi, Fatos Qerimaj, Ilir Kola, Sokol Sejdo, Emilian & Ervin Dhimo brothers, Gjon Shllaku, Markelian Kapedani Rrok Jakaj etc.
    JAZZinALBANIA festival starts with its first two editions of Tirana Jazz & World Music Festival in 2012 & 2013 but this year the festival name was transformed in "JAZZinALBANIA" because the festival now will spread in five cities of Albania (Tirana, Shkodra, Korca, Fie and Himara) to enliven artistic life and to support cultural tourism at cultural heritage centers like Apollo in Fier and Ali Pasha castle in Porto Palermo - Himara

    Two social programs support the 2014 festival edition:
    1 - Presentation of films & documentary with short feature, main topic "Environmental Protection" program which will be realized thanks to the collaboration with multimedia academy “Marubi”
    2 - Volunteer program - young volunteer & assistance that with their valuable contribution will grace the festival, volunteers who will be the future fans of JAZZ music. Special thanks to festival partners:

    • Accredited Embassies in Albania: Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Israelite, Italian National Institution of Culture, Yonus Emre Institute and Albanian institutions: the Ministry of Culture, Municipality of Fier, Himara, Korca, Shkodra and Tirana.
    • Media that strongly supported the success of this festival TOP-CHANNEL and XXXXX and naturally even the partners: Hotel Sheraton - Tirana, Coloseo Hotel - Shkoder, Hotel Kocibelli - Korce, “MARUBI” Multimedia Academy, Delta Print, “MERSART” National Music Center.
    • Sponsors: Plus, Coca Cola, Red Bull, Jalifat Publishing House ….. etc.

    I hope that this international cultural mosaic of Jazz music, through the interpretation of world artists and Jazz music except entertainment will broadcast freedom & fantasy of thinking and care & love for the environment.

    Festival Director
    Besim Petrela

Organization Committee 

  • Dorian Lamko: Stage Techniques
  • Agron Xoxa: Vice president /out Tirana
  • Besim Petrela: President & International relations
  • Gent Rushi: Art director and Special projects
  • Frida Guberaj: Promotion & Marketing & Programming (help from B.Petrela & A. Xoxa)
  • Ilir Bajri: Cross border events
  • M.Petrela & V.Xoxa : Staff
  • M.Petrela: F&B & Infrastructures
  • Donika Bardha & Neritan Bum Bum Room: Festival OFF & Cultural outreach & Special events
  • Agron Xoxa: Logistics & Sustainable development

The Festival's Office

To ensure the Festival’s administration and general coordination, the Association employs these peoples composing the Jazz In Albania Festival’s office.

  • M.Petrela: Communication and partnership manager
  • F.Guberaj: General secretary & Spornsor & Fundrising before Fest start
  • B.Petrela: Box office manager & cultural outreach coordinator
  • F.Guberaj: Administrative and communication intern
  • A.Xoxa & A.Mansaku & TV partner ( A. Cani): Press & Media officers
  • M.Petrela & V.Xoxa: Construction stage as/manager
  • G.Rushi: Production manager & DJ’s programmer
  • F.Guberaj, A.Xoxa, B.Petrela: Events and hospitality manager
  • M.Bedo: Financial administrator; A.Hoxha - tickets

Festival Supporter

  • Donika Bardha & Gent Rushi & Artur Cani - The Festival's Friends & Fundraising evening event
  • Bujar Alliu - Voluntaries
  • Petrela & Bajri & Cultural outreach committee