The Marco Castelli Trio is a versatile band that offers a blend of jazz and other musical genres such as Afro, ska and Latin rhythms and blending them into a Mediterranean sound. The music of the Trio is refined and elegant, but also brilliant, full of unpredictable colors, unique in the genre. The repertoire, as well as tracks more close to the jazz tradition, includes original compositions and arrangements by Marco Castelli in a ‘jazz key’ of the authors of the tradition of Italian song.In 2014 Marco Castelli has recorded the new CD titled ‘Porti di Mare’ (Seeports): Zanzibar, Tunisi, Dakar, titles dedicated to the places where Marco Castelli, who has participated in tours in more than 40 countries, played and that inspired the compositions featured in this new album release and in the concert repertoire in 2014.

Marco Castelli, is one of the most talented Italian sax players, with a brilliant and prolific career with a broad artistic activity. In his long career he has traveled without prejudice across many different musical languages, highlighting the qualities present in each form of expression and always pursuing a very personal sound, free of cliches but rich in emotions and atmospheres.Beside writing and performing jazz music, he's a conductor of orchestra and a composer for theatre and modern ballet, and, as a sound designer, he has creatively interacted with various media: poetry, video art, visual arts. Marco Castelli is also artistic director of the label Anelli Records.

He has participated in international festivals like Singapore Art Festival, Montreal Jazz Festival, Boemia Jazz Festival, Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Athene Jazz, Bangkok International Festival, Festival Cervantino, San Sebastian Jazz Festival, Kaunas International Festival collaborating with a lot of prestigious artists like Lee Konitz, Markus Stockhausen, Philip Catherine and many others. Marco Castelli has brought his music all over the world:
Europe: Denmark, Finland, Norway, Estonia, Greece, Portugal, Lithuania, Germany, France, Spain, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, Czech Republic, Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria
America and Islands: Canada, Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, Argentina, Perù, Guatemala, Uruguay, Jamaica, Curacao.
Asia and Middle East: Singapore, Thailand, Qatar, Israel, Jordan.
Africa: Senegal, Tanzania, Botwana, Morocco, Tunisia.

Marco Castelli - Saxophones
Matteo Alfonso - Keyboard
Marco Vattovani - Drums

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