Evrim Demirel Ensemble: Was founded by the composer-pianist Evrim Demirel, ehich brings Turkish Music and Jazz together in a modern perspective. The ensemble creates a unique distinctive sound with special contribution of Özer Özel, who is a Turkish maqam music expert in both performing and singing. The compositions are done by Demirel, Ensemble performs traditional Turkish music varying from folk tunes to Suphi music. Improvisations and the determined written out parts stays in a well-balanced form in the musical design contemplated by Evrim Demirel. It’s a music about present time that embraces diverse cultures.

Evrim Demirel: Turkish composer, jazz pianist Evrim Demirel was educated in Izmir High School of Fine Arts. He studied piano with Nergis Şakirzade. Then he enrolled at Bilkent University in Ankara becoming a student in the Theory-Composition Department of the Music and Performing Arts Faculty. He earned his B.A from this institution studying composition with Elhan Bakihanov, and went to the Netherlands for further music studies in Rotterdam Conservatory. He studied jazz piano under Rob van Kreeveld, electronic music under Rene Uijlenhoet and composition under Klaas de Vries and gratuated from the composition and jazz-piano departments in 2005. Afterwards he has studied composition with Theo Loevendie in Amsterdam Conservatory and obtained his master degree in 2007. Curently he is studying composition in Mimar Sinan University as a Ph.D. student and working as a regular teacher in Yıldız Technical University Music Department in Istanbul. Almost all of the Works of Evrim Demirel were composed upon comissions and performed accordingly. Some of his works have been published by Donemus. His pieces are performed by Schoenberg Ensemble, Asko Ensemble, Nieuw Ensemble, Atlas Ensemble, Doelen Ensemble, Estonian National Symphonic Orchestra, Nederlands Strijkers Gilde, Holland Symfonia, Phoenix Ensemble Basel, Camerata Varaible Ensemble and Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra. His first CD Makamsız covering the performance of many contemporary European ensembles was released from Kalan as well as his second CD Ada which combines turkish traditional music and jazz.

Prizes: In Project Jonge Componisten 2004, He has won the 2nd prize with Ottoman Miniatures. The piece has been performed by Holland Symfonia. In The International Lepo Sumera Composition Contest for Young Composers 2003 he has won the finalist diploma with Evolution. The piece has been performed by Estonian National Symphonic Orchestra.

Evrim Demirel - Piano
Özer Özer - Vocal & Tanbur
Volkan Topakoğlu - Double Bass
Erdem Göymen - Drums

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