Founded by Franziska Hatz, this Viennese band started in 2010. Their music is a mixture of klezmer traditions, pop, folk, rock, ska and jazz elements. Since the very beginning, they've been a breath of fresh air on the Austrian music scene.

They played with Randy Brecker, Dean Bowman, DJ Shantel and bands such as Bucovina Club Orchestra and Sandy Lopicic Orchestra. Each concert is like an eruption of unbelievable energy, unique mastery and humor. They can make anyone dance even the most reluctant people, so... let’s dance!

Franziska Hatz - Accordion, Vocal
Julian Pieber - Drums, Deep - Low Voice
Richie Winkler - Diverse Saxophone, Clarinet
Simon Schellnegger - Viola is not a violin, Viola Microphone Voice

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