Gent Rushi pianist and composer who leads the quartet has a broad activity inside and outside the country is worth mentioning concerts by Elina Duni (Switzerland), Thomas Hufschmidt (Germany), Rona Nishliu (Kosovo) etc.. Band leader is currently in the Top Channel and jazz music lecturer at the University of Arts.
Represented Albania in 2012, European festival song, "Eurosong", from which came in sixth place, with maximum estimates.
This quartet creates a unique musical style through mixing color with basis in jazz. Any simple melody however makes its journey, evolves and grows through improvisation. Musician part of the quartet have strong individual creative and have tried to bring in a single Tirana and Pristina.

Armend Xhaferi - Guitar
Enver Muhameti - Bass-guitar
Emiljan Dhimo - Drums
Gent Rushi - Keyboard