Guralumi’s inspiration comes from the eastern-Europe lands and traditions. The band manages to energetically blend the traditional Balkan folklore’s themes and rhythms with the lively colors of modern music such as funk, jazz, rock.
The music pours the audience in a magical atmosphere, merging beautiful melodies, the power and raw energy of Balkan grooves alongside with a tasty spoon of jazz spices.
Charming, playful and tender, the warm voice of the Swiss singer Morgane Gallay invites to an inner journey through songs of other ages, sung mostly in albanian. On piano or accordion, Gjon Guralumi surfs between different influences, master of his language and tradition conversating with an ever inventive Krenar Arifi on guitars, a “funky spankin’ ” Xavier Good on saxophones and a flowing rhythm section that provides a solid bottom and all needed space for improvisation.
Guralumi is Balkan folk poetry, featuring elements of rock, folk, jazz. Having toured mostly around Switzerland (Chorus, Lausanne; Balelec festival, Lausanne; Montreux‘s jazz festival, Sidewalk & Vinyl Club, le Caveau de l’hôtel de ville, Lausanne; l’Usine à Gaz, Nyon; Gena festival, Geneva, Bern jazz festival, Dampfschiff in Brugg,..) Guralumi has become the Swiss reference for Balkan world/jazz style and is mostly appreciated also by the Albanian community living in Switzerland.

Gjon Guralumi - Piano

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