Vinorosso band is founded in 2004 in Detmold. We are part of more than 30 members with backgrounds from around the world as: Bulgaria, Chile, Germany, England, France, Greece, Italy, Japan, Macedonia, Serbia, Switzerland, Spain and Turkey. Most of them are students or students of music Detmold ( ) Prefer to play different musical styles, inspired by what is called world music (world music), and after receiving musical elements from many cultures (mostly from Eastern Europe), together are a complete harmony, thanks to the intersection with music Western classical. This is because classical instruments are used as piano, violin, viola, bass, flasut, oboe, trompe, clarinet, etc. and at the same time the folk instruments like Mandolin, domra, etc. Darbuka. The goal of the ensemble is to attract as many people in this new concept of combining different styles of music, because music is a universal language which creates bridges between people across the planet. Vinorosso often tell us that there are no changes or amendments kufiqnj between musical styles. Music is a vital energy and ensemble music is a constant ECE-collar as well as the people come and go on this planet.