Michaela Rabitsch, is a singer, songwriter and jazz trumpetisja most successful woman in Austria. Together with her partner find - composer and guitarist Robert Pawlik, has also published the album "Moods", an album with ten songs that reflect the passion, energy and excitement of their lives. This is also the first album of the first of them consisting of entirely original creation of the two.
In the past two, have been focused on the standard repertoire. Michaela selecting more jazz repertoire while Robert, toward more funky and fusion music. For more than ten years, they have shared their private life and her music, performing together in jazz quartet, but also doubles as acoustic, conducting tours of creating music together. The fact that they have studied more about repertoire of jazz standard but more on jazz in general, give them music that hand that we do, to have a 'dictionary' too broad to present before the public. Hear their music, means always having a new horizon before to enjoy.
Being a singer and trumpetiste gives more Michaeles hand to crack each to their own interpretation, because it may choose to sing or play in trompe.

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