Enzo Favata, Danilo Gallo, and UT Gandhi, well-known and internationally experienced musicians, meet Enrico Zanisi, young wonder of the Italian jazz scene, awarded ‘Best Italian Top Jazz Talent’ in 2012. They all come together in an expressively strong quartet that combines innovative music ideas with several compositions from Favata’s historic repertoire, where poetry, virtuosity, energy, 

melodiousness, and high-level jazz intertwine with milonga and tango sounds, as well as Mediterranean melodies and rhythms from Sardinia. UT Gandhi, comparable to the greatest drummers of all time, and Danilo Gallo (Top Jazz 2010.2014 ) with his double bass, form an impressive rhythm section. Favata and Zanisi enhance the melodic lines and rhythms with 
creative sounds, making the music continuously astonishing. Enzo Favata, Enrico Zanisi, Danilo Gallo, and UT Gandhi are real entertainers and can be regarded as seamen sailing from port to port, since they travel indeed. They regularly perform at prestigious festivals all around the world: 
Italy, Europe, Latin-America, Asia, Africa, Japan, Arab countries, 
and many more.


Vincenzo Favata - Sax Tenor & Sopran Bass Clarinet

Enrico Zanisi - Pianoforte

Ut Gandhi - Drum

Danilo Gallo - Duble Bass


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