Being a master trained civil engineer (BA. Yıldız Technical University – MA Bosphorus University), Advanced MA Padova University-Italy & Catalonia Technical University- Spain) music was always present for Mircan Kaia.

 Known to have started music at very early ages, Mircan; has started to perform in front of audiences when she was in elementary school.

 She started playing the guitar at the age of twelve, sang Classical Turkish Music at Yıldız Technical University in the classical Turkish music choir. Again during college years, she made compositions and sang together with symphonic rock band that she founded with her friends. For a certain period she worked with Erguder Yoldas, a major composer in Turkey.

 Mircan Kaia is an artist who was able to discover her inner voice. She has been a determined producer without a rush of being popular. Thus she has been recognized both in Turkey and abroad, has been praised by important music authorities and has evolved into a more and more known artist Folk Roots, BBC, World Music Central, FLY Global Music, New Internationalist are some. Recently being involved in literature, Mircan has published a book named “Gece, Karanlık, Çekirge ve Sen” (Midnight, Darkness, Grasshopper and You).

 Her discography: Bizim Ninniler (2005), Kül & Ashes (2005), Sala (2006), Numinosum (2007), Outim (2008), Elixir (2010), Minor (2012), Nanni (2012). At the same time she is the winner of several prizes:  The Foundation of MOTIF - Community Knowledge Prize, 2014; YTU-Yıldız Technical University, Artist of the Year and Gratitude Prize, 2014; 44cü SİYAD Best Soundtrack Prize, 2011; TASI President of the Turkish Association of Sysmic Isolation - 2011-12013; IMO Music Director of the Construction Engineers’ Chamber – since 2012


Mircan Kaia - Singer

Ceyda Pirali - Piano

Merih Aşkın - Guitar and Bağlama

Onurcan Cagatay  - Trumpet 

Gürkan  Özkan - Percussion 


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