Cool Balkan trio

This project is inspired by the cool-jazz movement. The conception of this kind of sound, is about to making the music more fresh and open for the musicians to implicate their ideas, more present and unit  so, rhythm section and three soloists in the same time together. In this trio the folk Balkan and jazz standard music be came together in one form.


Ermal Rodi
Musician that during 7 years is included in the mainstream of jazz music. This period is taken along the experimentation of jazz with folk music in different experiencing with: Elina Duni, Dejan Terzic, Gent Rushi, Backyard Jazz Orchestra, Nicholas Simion Stefan
SCHOLTZ Peter Ehwald, ...etc.

Lakis Tzimkas
Born in Thessaloniki. Completed studies for double bass in music education at the University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki and licensed in Vienna, Austria by the American Institute of Music in which studying Jazz/Bass and Jazz/Bass guitar under Professor Angus Thomas (Miles Davis) and Jonas Helborg (John Mc Laughlin). Then pursuing a graduate degree at the University of Music in Graz, Austria where a diploma in the class of Wayne Darling (Woody Herman). Has collaborated with jazz musicians such as Sheila Jordan, MILCHO Leviev, Andy Sheppard, Airton Moreira, Adam Nussbaum, Venchi Blagoev, Mordy Ferber, Mark Murphy, Fritz: Power, Angus Thomas, Danny Hayes, Henry Robinett, Alan Jones, Jon Hendricks James Carter, Carl Ratzer, Amir Gwirtzman, Terence Blanchard etc. He has been part in many world jazz festivals, including : Austria, Mexico, Morocco, Poland, Greece, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Germany, etc.

Emiljan Dhimo
Is a professional drummer who studied at the Music Academy NAKAS Athens Greece. His artistic activity begins in 1988. It was part of a great number of concerts, recordings, TV show. He have cooperated more with a lot of named musician in Greece, USA, Albania ... etc. He is a career musician.


Ermal Rodi - Sax

Lakis Tzimkas - C/Bass&Guitar

Emiljan Dhimo - Drum