Our music represents a unique blend of Balkan irregular rhythms, the beauty of Mediterranean and Oriental mysticism.

Darko Nikčević - (1971) is a flamenco guitarist and composer. He graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Podgorica and took his MSc at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade (Audio and video technology department). He works at the Music Academy in Cetinje as the head of the Electroacoustic laboratory and as the professor of Music Technology. He has participated in numerous concerts in Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Greece, Albania, Netherlands, Italy, United Kingdom, Russia and Spain. He is the author of the first album of instrumental music in Montenegro - “Flamenco” (1994) published by the Music Production of Radio-Television of Montenegro and co-author (with guitarist Srdjan Bulatovic) of the CDs “Duo” (2001), “Nostalgia” (2005), “Touch of Montenegro” (2011), "Synergy" (2012) and "Ritmico" (2015). He recorded an album with his compositions in Slovenia (2003) with the flamenco group Duende. He is author of the books “A School of Guitar” (2000), “Power of Guitar” (2004), “Guitarra Romantica” (2008) and “Audio technology” (2011) and co-author (with Srdjan Bulatovic) of the three editions of the book “Guitar for Beginners” (2006, 2011 & 2013). He participated in a large number of music programmes, concerts and spots of many radio and TV stations in Montenegro, Serbia (Studio B), Croatia (HRT), Slovenia (TV Slovenia and TV3) and Spain (Radio Nacional de España). He is a member of the Association of Composers of Montenegro.

Srdjan Bulatovič - (1972) has started playing guitar when he was eight years old in the class of Professor Miodrag Cupic where he finished the Primary music school and where his focus on classical guitar as a profession begins. He has graduated from the Music Academy in Belgrade in the class of Prof. Srdjan Tosic. After that, he acquires his Master’s and DA degrees in the class of prof. Vera Ogrizovic. He is the first graduated classical guitar player and the first holder of the Master of music degree in Montenegro and also the first DA of the performing arts for classical guitar. As the first graduated classical guitar player in Montenegro, in 1994, he founded a guitar department at the Secondary music school “Vasa Pavic” in Podgorica. In a very short time, the department becomes recognizable in Montenegro and outside of Montenegro. Its students start achieving significant results in performing, win awards at the renowned festivals and get accepted by renowned Music Academies in the country and abroad. Srdjan Bulatovic initiates the opening of the Guitar department at the Music academy in Cetinje in 2000, where he works as the assistant of the Prof. Vera Ogrizovic until 2005, and then as a Professor until 2013. He was actively involved in concert activity as a solo performer as well as a member of various chamber orchestras. In 1991, he meets a flamenco guitar player Darko Nikcevic and they form a guitar duo.Through this duo, he introduces himself to other music genres like flamenco, symphony film music, ethno and jazz music, which, in the correlation to the classical music, will have the strong impact on his future performances and his music in general. Of great value is also his pedagogical work, based on the empirical principles. This work, with the generations of different age,will through the years have a tremendous influence on his further development. Today, after more than 20 years from establishing the department of classical guitar in Montenegro and outside of Montenegro, all Montenegrin guitar players and professors were his students. He has performed as a soloist, as a member of various chamber orchestras in Montenegro and abroad (Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Albania, Italy, Hungary, France, Germany, Netherlands, Egypt, Great Britain, Russia, Macedonia). He is the author of the book “The Collection of Compositions and Etudes” for classical guitar (2003) and co-author, with Darko Nikcevic, of three publications of the textbook “Guitar for the beginners” (2006, 2011 i 2013). He has recorded the musical programs, concerts, music videos etc. for the radio and television (RTV CG, RTS, HRT, TV SLO, TV Nile – Egypt, MTV – Hungary, Radio Kopar…). As a soloist, he has published a CD “Guitar”, which is also the first classical music CD recorded and published in Montenegro (1998), "Live in Belgrade" (2010) and album “Fuoco” (2012). In a duo with the flute player Boris Nikcevic, he has recorded CD “Caffe” (2012). As a co-author with Darko Nikcevic, he has recorded the following compact discs: “Duo” (2001), “Nostalgia” (2005), ”Touch of Montenegro” (2011), “Synergy” (2012) and "Ritmico" (2015). He is one of the founders of the first classical guitar festival in Montenegro - “Bar Guitar Fest”, and the art director of “Guitar art Summer Fest” in Herceg Novi, Montenegro. He is working as a guitar professor in the Secondary music school ”Vasa Pavić” in Podgorica, Montenegro. He has held many master classes both in Montenegro and abroad.

Srdjan Bulatovič - Guitar

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