The music that is being created by SHALOSH is characterized by its drama, its sophistication and its genre crossing music. Despite the classic Jazz trio format (piano, bass and drums) and the band, members’  root in Jazz and improvised traditions, SHALOSH’s music takes its own path across genres like Rock, Groove, Electronic Classical, African and Middle Eastern music. The band’s agenda is to make music that moves its audience in the greatest way possible, in order to break through the barrier created between the music and the listener, which is often found in intellectual music of this genre. In the three years since it was founded, the band has already released one album (The Bell Garden) played over a 100 shows across Europe, and countless shows around Israel, recently the band has finished recording their second album, entitled Rules Of Oppression.  The three members of SHALOSH - Gadi Stern (piano) Matan Assayag (drums) and Daniel Benhorin (bass), are childhood friends who have been playing together since they started making music, as they studied at the same high school in Jerusalem. After years of working separately and internationally both as sidemen as well as band leaders, the three reunited in order to form a band which will fulfill all of their musical desires and long time friendships.

Six years before the band was founded, Gadi left Israel to pursue his international music career in New York where he was based. Despite his success in the New York jazz scene, and his projects with some of the world’s top Jazz musicians, he realized that there is no replacement to the deep connection that is created with years of playing together. While Gadi was in New York, both Matan and Daniel became two of the most appreciated and renowned rhythm section players in Israel, and flourished in the rich and eclectic music scene in Tel Aviv. Despite the long distance musical relationship, and maybe even because of the fact that the three friends have grown in different individual directions, they kept playing yearly concerts and their connection grew deeper.

After years of rare concerts in New York and Israel, the three decided to commit to a band together. Gadi came back to Israel for a six month intensive work process with Matan and Daniel, and the three recorded their debut album titled “The Bell Garden” named after the park which was located next to their high school yard, where they would go and skip class together. A huge buzz started generating around the project. The band very much stood out from today’s Jazz scene, mainly due to the fact it is not led by a single artist, but co-led by its three members who enjoy an artistic evolution from years of collaborations and friendship. As a result, SHALOSH’s music is derived from a deep place of musical friendship and is aimed towards the deepest and purest place within. 

SHALOSH’s audience and critics have expressed their sheer joy  watching the group in live performances, in which they communicate with playfulness and connection reserved for working bands which play together day in and out on the road. The band stretches their progressive rock-like compositions to improvised moments, which makes every concert a unique experience. The band has generated a large following of fans who come to each and every concert.

Since its release on March 5th 2014, The Bell Garden has sold over 2,000 hard copies in concerts only, and was streamed or downloaded tenths of thousands of times. It had radio plays in Brazil, Germany, Austria, Holland, the UK, the U.S and Israel and was distributed in Japan, Europe and the US. The band had toured the UK, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Latvia, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Albania Austria and France. SHALOSH’s second album, Rules of Oppression was in the making for more than six months, in which the band went in and out of the studio, and is promising one of 2016’s biggest Jazz albums.


Gadi Stern - Piano

Matan Assayag - Drums

Daniel Benhorin - Bass