Gani Jakupi Band

For me, more than a musical genre, the jazz is a meeting point. Of cultures, languages, sensitivities. A musical lingua franca. If you’re a Japanese, you may use your virtuosity to interpret Bach, but you would face serious problems if you try to melt your national heritage with the protestant musical language of the Untouchable Master. The Spanish, Argentinean, Iranian, Greek, Brazilian, Turkish, Swiss, Venezuelan or Moldavian artists that join Connections, they need to understand the ideas that I present to them, but they are free to bring in their cultural backpack. Moreover, they’re welcome, even required to do so. Then we wrap it up in Balkan metrics, Latin phrasings; filter it through the melodies of my childhood, the rock music of my youth, the old jazz or the contemporary music’s string arrangements… All of it can find its way in my compositions, arrangements and interpretations. The Gani Jakupi Connections works with some of the best artists around, but we may invite completely unknown ones to join us, if there’s mutual musical understanding. What we deliver to the audience is music, not names.

The same that we seek in our collaboration, we aim to achieve with public. We don’t aspire to amaze you, but to communicate with you. To establish a connection with you.


Gani Jakupi - Guitar

Marcelo Mercadante - Bandoneon

Cèlia Torres - Viloncello

Jordi Gaspar - Double Bass

Nesim Maxhuni - Drums