Marc Perrenoud TRIO

Vestry Lamento is the third CD of the Geneva trio surrounding Marc Perrenoud, which has driven the band’s sound since 2007 and consistently moved it forward.  This third work by the three musicians from western Switzer- land can be considered a bold statement of their matu- rity. The album also sends a clear message about what

is musically important to them: translating  a variety of influences  into direct, playful jazz.

„I wanted to find the color of the blues again, and at the same time revive the playful elements of jazz“

Marc Perrenoud, 2013

Marc Perrenoud (*1981, Berlin) began playing piano at the age of six. He studied at the music conservatories of Geneva and Lausanne, and graduated in 2005 from the „Ecole de Jazz”, in Lausanne, where he studied with Yannick Délez. During this period, Perrenoud also won several contests, including the Montreux Jazz Chrysler Award and, with his trio, the ZKB Jazz Contest, in Zurich. In contrast to many of his peers, Perrenoud has been focused on his trio for many years. This concentration on the essentials is what has made the sound of the trio—in formation since 2007—so fascinating.  Perrenoud and his trio have performed in Europe, South America, and Africa, and they will perform in China, for the first time, in 2014.

Marco Müller (*1980 Fribourg) was playing violin by age six. He studied at the Academy of Freiburg until 2000, while simultaneously taking courses in double bass. Müller received his diploma in double bass performance at the Swiss Jazz School, in Bern, in 2007. He has performed with, among others, Enrico Pierranunzi, Bert Joris, Colin Vallon, and the New York Voices, which underlines both his quality and universal ability as a bassist. This is made most obvious when he is on tour with the „surprise band” „Hildegard Lernt Fliegen” (Hildegard Learns to Fly). As a sideman in a number of formations, Müller can be found regularly on the stages of Germany, Austria, and Switzer- land.

 Cyril Regamey (*1977 Lausanne) began playing music before he went to pre-school. He received a degree in teaching in 1999 from the Academy of Lausanne, where in 2002 he received first prize in the Academy’s competition for music virtuosity.  In 2003 Regamey won the „Leen- ards” Prize, as well as the improvisation contest „de Red- ding”, in 2005. Alongside playing drums, he also plays a variety of other percussion instruments, which has expanded his musical sphere beyond  jazz and into African and Latin American rhythm, as well as into classical music. This stylistic range is a great asset to the trio, and Regamey’s rhythmic inventiveness is a constant source of inspiration. He has played in festivals and clubs internationally.