Andi Kongo Trio & Niels Onstenk

Niels Onstenk Guitar player (1988 – Netherlands) studied at the Jazz & Pop department at the conservatory of Utrecht where he graduated in 2010 with the highest possible grade (10/10). He entered the conservatory in 2006 at the age of 17 and was taught by Martijn Roselaar, Marcel Karreman, etcTheo de Jong, Wim Bronnenberg and Eef Albers. The young guitarist is widely acclaimed for its musical overview, virtuosity and vocal quality of the instrument “A vocalist on guitar.” In March 2013 he received the title “Best Guitarist of the Netherlands” after he won the competition organized by renowned guitar magazine “Guitarist’ and Dutch NPO Radio 2”. Niels has participated as a guitarist and back-vocalist in several ensembles including Utown, SPARQ, Leonie Tielemans Group, Mus, Amariszi and in the band of Doeshka Vrede. As well as gives guitar lessons and he is active as a band coach at several music schools.

Andi Kongo (1977 Tirana - Albania), graduated in conducting and choral composition at the Conservatory of Music "Lucio Campiani" Mantova (Italy), there was the pianist and vocalist in various musical groups with activity in Italy - Switzerland. In Albania has participated as pianist in the inaugural concert of Big Band-it "Gasper Curcia" and as pianist & conductor of the Big-Band in Ashow program developed at the Palace of Congresses. Pianist, vocalist, band's director of music in television programs and in live performance with other musical formations,  he is also the composer of the soundtrack of the short feature film "Sea" and "Night". Congo has participated in the festival of Albanian Radio Television as a singer. 

Nesim Maxhuni (1983 - Kosovo) is a professional Prishtina based percussionist. His vast experience and playing style has established him as one of the most innovative drummers from the Balkans, especially in genres such as jazz, hip-hop and neo soul. Nesim’s academic musical background consists of his professional studies at the Music Academy of Skopje as a percussionist, and his active participation in numerous drumming seminars and workshops in prestigious academies around the world. Nesim’s presence is felt in more than 40 original albums launched in Kosovo featuring various musical styles such as jazz, funk, drum & bass and rock. This experience includes Nesim’s vital role as drummer and drums arranger in the original albums of two eminent Prishtina based singer/songwriters, namely Genc Salihu’s “Kange e Vene” and Shpat Deda’s “Molla e Pare". Nesim Maxhuni has also launched 2 original jazz and neo-soul albums under his own name entitled “Treni” and “Syndrome”.  Nesim’s experience with festivals is also abundant, as he has had the opportunity to play in numerous prestigious events in regional Jazz Festivals and numerous performances around Europe. Currently, Nesim Maxhuni is actively involved in the Kosovar music scene as a professional jazz drummer, composer and teacher. He is a full time member of the Kosova Big Band.

Arbin Alimeri (1977 Tirana - Albania) graduated at the University of the Arts for bass.

Then start his career as a musician in the State Ensemble of Songs and Dances becoming an active part in all events organized by this institution both within and abroad. He participated in all tours and national and international festivals where the Ensemble has been participant, as Kosovo, Italy, Greece, Belgium, Germany, China, Kuwait.

Besides musical activity at this institution, it has been part of many jazz formations in several important activities of this genus. He participated as a bassist in the inaugural concert and other concerts of Big Band-it "Gasper Curcia". Also in other musical formations for several television programs.

  Andi Kongo - Piano & Vocal                                                                                                                                                         Arbin Alimeri - Bass - Albania                                                                                                                                                       Nesim Maxhuni - Drums - Kosovo                                                                                                                                               Niels Onstenk - Guitar & Vocal - Netherlands